The Best Way to Remove Gel Nail Polish

“When using gel nail polish, there are a few ways to remove the polish. The best way is to soak off the gel polish with Acetone.

Acetone removes paint from glass, metal, and plastic very easily. There’s no need for tools or special chemicals. This makes acetone your go-to tool when removing gel nail polish fast! Soak it off  as shown in this video:

Where To I Buy Acetone??

The only place that sells this product is Amazon. It’s not expensive and you can get so much of it at Amazon Prime through delivery (free shipping). You are going to start getting two bottles of acetone minimum once you join Amazon Prime!

How Can I Use Acetone?

Here are some basic ways but there are many more you can do with it. It won’t take long before you master how to use acetone on gel nail polish remover! The basic instructions below will give you an idea of how easy it is…

Mix 1 oz acetone (pure) with one & one oil (2oz) and add a few drops of your favorite oil(olive, almond, etc.) And pour the mixture into another jar for storage purposes.  Then apply the mixture on a cotton ball and wipe off the nail polish on your choice nails (apply slowly) until all have been removed from your nails if still clear or yellowed like old acrylics. Repeat again if still not clear! If any stains remain after multiple applications, repeat by soaking off the aceton with hot water or dishwashing liquid and repeaRemove Gel Nail Polishting again. Dry nails carefully in between applications for maximum results!   When done, wash your hands thoroughly

File off the gel

  • Use a nail file. File away from your cuticles and in the direction of your cuticles.
  • File away from your nails.
  • File in the direction of your nails, so that when you lay them down on their side they will be perpendicular to each other and make more space between them than if you were to put them face-down with their sides touching each other (this can cause ingrown nails).

Peel off the gel

To remove gel nail polish without acetone, use a gel nail file to gently buff away any remaining bits of the polish. Use a gentle rubbing motion on each side of your finger and try not to press too hard or else you’ll damage your nails even more than they already are! After removing all residue from underneath each nail with this method, apply some acetone remover directly onto the area where you want to start over with a new layer of glue-free stickers.

You can also use a gel polish remover without acetone if you’re just looking for an alternative way of removing old glues found under layers of color on top of one another–simply rub them off with an old toothbrush (or whatever kind has been sitting around) until no longer sticky at all!

Soak off the gel

If you want to remove the gel polish yourself, here are the steps:

  • Soak your nail in acetone for a few minutes. This will allow it to soak up all of the remaining polish on your nails and lift it off easily. You can use an old toothbrush or cotton pad (the kind used for removing makeup) if you don’t have access to acetone at home. Just make sure that whatever surface you’re using for soaking has been cleaned beforehand, because this is how much dirt and debris will end up in your nails after removal!
  • Once soaked with acetone and wiped down with some cotton balls/pads or paper towels (or whatever else feels sticky), repeat until all traces of gel have been removed from each finger tip individually by rubbing them vigorously against each other while turning them over every few seconds so they don’t get caught on anything else nearby…

Why not use acetone?

Acetone is a chemical, not a natural ingredient. It can be damaging to your nails, and it’s not good to use on them because of its drying effect. Acetone is also expensive, so you’ll want to find a cheaper alternative if possible.

If you’re willing to put up with the risk of damaging your natural nails and/or spending more money than you have to, then go for it!


I hope you’re now convinced that there are far better ways to remove gel nail polish than using acetone. If you want to use acetone, then I strongly recommend that you wear gloves and goggles—and don’t breathe in the fumes!

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