Essential Tips For Choosing Concealed Carry Clothing

How you dress for concealed carry significantly affects how easily you can clear cover and access your firearm. It would help to plan a well-thought-out outfit that conceals the weapon and looks good on you.

Start by looking in your closet to find clothes that work for you. Dark colors and heavier fabrics help reduce printing.

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Many concealed carriers must be conscious of their clothing selections, as they must ensure that the clothes they wear can hide a gun and make it possible to draw that gun quickly and easily in an emergency. The best clothes for concealed carry should be both comfortable and fit well to help minimize printing, but they also need to be practical so that it is easy to reach the holster in case you need to pull your weapon.

One of the most effective ways to prevent printing is to choose a shirt with patterns or dark colors, which can help hide the outline of a pistol from someone who may not be looking at you closely enough to notice the gun. In addition to these types of shirts, other items like scarves and hats can help to distract people’s attention from the firearm, allowing you to conceal carry more effectively.

Another trick to avoid printing is wearing a shirt with a contrasting color in the collar, which can make it difficult for anyone to see the holster under your neckline. You can also wear a shirt with a broad, loose collar, which is often easier to conceal a gun under than a narrower one.

Finally, some people prefer to wear a longer shirt that can provide more fabric to cover their pants’ waistband when carrying a concealed handgun. This style of shirt can be helpful for concealed carry because it allows you to get the most coverage from your holster while still being able to use your arms for other tasks.

The best way to determine what kind of clothing is best for concealed carry is to try it all out and see how you feel. Some people will find that they need to wear a more tailored shirt to conceal their weapon, while others will need to wear a more loose shirt or jacket so they can move freely and easily.


Many people focus their attention on making sure that their gun is invisible to those around them when it comes to concealed carry clothing, but that should not be their primary concern—the ability to access your firearm quickly and safely should be.

An undershirt can help to make your gun less visible, preventing the weapon’s outline from showing through the fabric as you move and bend over. A structured oversized undershirt is ideal, but it should be manageable, or the gun might get tangled in the fabric. Light cotton is suitable, and fabrics that wick away sweat are even better. Some undershirts are designed with carry in mind and have built-in pocket holsters under the arms. These shirts offer superior concealment, but they are only ideal for some. They are form-fitting and tend to be tighter than other shirts, making the drawing process more difficult.

Wearing a black undershirt can further help mask the presence of your concealed gun if your overshirt rides up and exposes it. The black color of the grip of your weapon makes it harder to see, and the undershirt can help hide it until you can clear your cover garment.

Some shirts are specifically designed to be worn with your concealed firearm and come with concealed carry pockets on the front, back, or side of the shirt. These shirts offer unparalleled concealment and are perfect for those who want to be as discreet as possible. However, these shirts are often heavier and can weigh down the cover garment, making it more difficult to clear or draw from your concealed carry holster. A zipper that is easy to operate in a hurry and buttons that break free rather than getting stuck can also help clear your cover garment. Some shirts are made with no-snag fabric and have clever snaps that can be rapidly ripped open to access your concealed weapon.

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